A note from one of hip surgery customers:

I have nothing but good to say about my experience with Healthbase. Everything was flawless, and had nothing to worry about as everything was taken care for us. I am very happy thank you. Everything from the doctors, nurses, orderly, physio team, and cooks were terrific at the hospital. The team at the hotel were magnificent, the food, staff, and room was wonderful. The whole management team was awesome.

I am feeling great my recovery is going perfectly.

Aug 2013

Letter from a hip resurfacing surgery customer from New Mexico:

Hi To Everyone At Healthbase!
I would like to thank you for the great service, help and professional assistance you provided in regards to my hip resurfacing surgery in November 2012.
My surgery and recovery went excellently and I am doing very well now! I even went scuba diving last month. 
May 2013

Testimonial from knee surgery customer from Arizona:

Dear Sara and everyone at Healthbase,

    Im sorry for the late response, I forgot about replying back to this email as I was focused on getting healthy.  I want to say that I greatly appreciate everything your team has done for me.  From the first time I talked to Sara to the final time I talked to her I had a great experience.  She helped me greatly and I know for a fact that she went above and beyond to help me out.  Throughout the entire process I was informed with everything that was going on.  I spoke to sara soon after my surgery was finished so that she could check up on my status. I really appreciated that. I never had anything to worry about. The entire process went well and I would recommend Healthbase to anyone. As a matter of fact I have been spreading the word about Healthbase and I would openly accept for anyone to contact me to hear my experience. I know that having someone to talk to who had recently returned from  surgery trip using Healthbase helped me and gave me peace of mind. The hotel where I stayed was very nice and everyone there helped me greatly as I was on crutches and alone and was limited to certain things. The food was great and the conditions were better than I expected. The taxi drivers always knew where to take me and were on time whenever I needed to go somewhere. I had a final check up with the Dr. a day before I left and I was given clear instructions on what I needed to do and a clearance to fly before I left. All in all I had a great experience and appreciate everything Healthbase did for me. I can now get healthy again and i'm excited about that. Thank you so much Sara, and everyone at Healthbase. 

May 2013

Note from long-time customer from California:

Dear Moe:
Ed here, I am making a preliminary inquiry about a possible knee replacement surgery for my wife. As you may recall I have used your services two years in a row 2008 & 2009 for hip surgery on both the sides. I am still pleased and mobile with no problems. Attached is my recent surfing photo.

Sincerely Yours,

Message from a hip surgery customer:

Hi Moe!
The time past so fast and just on april turned the second year of my surgery (april 2011), and everyday I thank to God, you and Dr. to help me.  I have a question for you...
Thanks for you help and I hope hear about you soon.
May 2013

Poetic Letter from a hip replacement surgery patient from California:

Healthbase: Thank You for your honesty of taking care of everything from the first contact, getting X-rays to Dr, money transfers, talking to people who have been there, arriving at airport to pick me up, to motel before surgery, getting me to hospital, getting me to Resort, back to hospital and back home to start this New Life. I put my trust in you, and you exceeded my expectations!! Thank You!! 
Sent from my iPhone
Feb 2013

Thank you letter from a long-time customer from Pennsylvania:

Thanks Healthbase,

I am a repeat customer with Healthbase. I have now had both hips resurfaced and can finally walk again. The overall experience was great and Dr. is a world leading expert. And, without the enormous cost savings, I could not have regained the normal use of my legs.

Thanks again Healthbase.

October 2008, December 2012

A note from Angus, a hip surgery customer:

Just a note report that I am doing very well. I walk straight and the slight pain in my hip is getting less everyday.  
I cannot thank you enough personally for what you have done for me.  
Please convey my message to Dr. and all his staff - It was an experience of a lifetime for us. 
I will keep in touch as the process evolves.

Thank you again and may god richly bless you in the future.

Mar 2011

Thank you note (hand-written) from a bilateral knee surgery medical travel patient from Florida:

We recently received a thank you letter in postal mail from Gary and his wife.

We cannot thank you enough for all your help setting up Gary's knee surgeries and hotel accommodation, flights, etc, Also for making sure he made it to the hospital and back home safe and sound. You helped make an unpleasant situation much more pleasant and on time. Also, peace of mind. 

Please contact Healthbase if you like to talk to Gary regarding medical travel process, his experience in medical trip, and his post-op recovery.

Feb 2013

5 year Post-surgery note from patient from Hawaii:

Yo Moe!

Are you still there?
I am wanting to tell Dr. how well I am doing after my two hip re-surfacings done in 2007 and 2008.

Am almost 65 and participate in water aerobics three times a week and am taking Belly-Dancing classes.
I came to you using two canes and was getting close to a wheel-chair. 
Anyway, the whole experience was so very positive and my body is still very strong and healthy!
Just wanted your team to know how much I appreciate you.  
2007, 2008, March 2013

Post-Op hip surgery recovery update from a customer from Pennsylvania:
A year and a day ago, i stood up taller, walked without any pain, and experienced the goodness of people, thanks HEALTHBASE, you guys all rock!

Here is Walt's story:
I have always had trouble with my hips. I broke & dislocated my left hip at age 13. That means I have had only about 11 years of my life with good working legs. 

I had surgery back then on my left hip, with traction, 4 stainless steel pins and a body cast from my ankle covering my left leg up to my navel for 6 weeks.
 Following the healing of my left leg, my right hip gave out at age 15, trying to do the weight bearing for both hips. 

This included another surgery, with the traction and pins again on my right hip, but no body cast this time. Just crutches for most of my adolescent years. 
I managed to heal, but with a limp. I never let this stop me trying to live a normal life.

20 years of living, cooking, skateboarding, biking, running, walking, snowboarding and surfing later, my hips began to ache again. 
The thought of having to go thru all the doctor visits, hospitals and surgeries again as an adult now, made me sick to think of it.

 So I didn't, i went on trying to live a functional life as possible. In 2006, my hip became so bad it began to affect everyday things, working, walking and providing for myself. 
I would work jobs only long enough to pay rent for a month at a time, then i would quit, only to take a rest and be off of my feet.

 In 2007 I went from being an average athlete, working chef,  & kiting a few times a week, to being handicapped and barely able to walk more than a city block.
 I then realized i could not fix this on my own. I researched everything i could to find an alternative to surgery,

 i tried more exercises, yoga, looked into Prolotherapy, none of these treatments would take away my pain. 
So my hips basically, cost me my job, which lead to losing my home and moving back to PA to rely on family for help and support. 

They are great, we are not the wealthiest family, but they have been generous in thier love and concern.

In Pennsylvania, I have seen three Orthopedic specialists, showed them my Xrays and told my story.
 All three were hesitant in treating me because of my young age. They wanted to perform a THR Total Hip Replacement,

 this means they want to cut off about 4 inches of my femor head, then hollow out the femor bone itself and stick an implant into it. 
The problem here is that a THR only last 12-15 years. All three Orthopedic surgeons talked about my "second" surgery or the" revision surgery", 

before i ever received the first one! Meaning they would go back into my thigh, remove the old implant, cleanse out the femor neck, drill it deeper than the first time,
 and stick and even longer implant into me, and wish me luck for another 10-12 years.

I am only 44 years old, too young for this procedure.  I WILL outgrown the implant and need a revision operation within a decade or so.
Finding this unacceptable, i researched "Hip Resurfacing" a procedure that leave the femoral bone intact, and only "resurfaces" the osteo-arthritis off of the bone, 
Preserving the majority of my femor head, which is critical in case a THR is needed later in life.

The resurfaced femor is fitted with a Titanium Ball, which swivels about in a Titanium Cup. Allowing greater (ROM) Range of Motion, bone growth, and 
more natural stance and gait (walking).

I have found a doctor with help of Healhbase who has seen my Xrays, and feels very confident that he could perform a successful HR hip resurfacing procedure. 

Healthbase assisted in all the steps from securely transferring medical records, appointment scheduling and travel arrangements.